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The Angel of Death

20 January
If you have gotten this far congrats! You must really want to get to know me. Ok, then let me warn you about some things. I am a very psychologically fucked girl! I suffer from social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, & extreme paranoia. I pop pills of all kinds to keep my body parts intact daily. I've been on almost every anti-depressant, anti-anxiety & anti-psychotic medication you could think of. I smoke weed everyday, am very addicted to pain pills, tranquilizers & just about any other pills that will get me high or numb. I whine, complain, bitch, & rant. I'm always fucking moody, depressed, freaked out, paranoid, bitchy and a thousand other negative emotions. So If your offended by any of that then click the little x on your upper right corner & get out!